Pride Contest

*Ok here’s the deal- a couple of girls decided that they enjoyed TR soooo much they went and tattooed a slightly modified version of our logos on their body! Pretty wild huh?! We're challenging you to be bold and daring and show us your TR pride for WEFest tickets. This doesn’t mean you have to tattoo yourself, but think of something creative then film it or take pictures and send it to us at The contest starts Memorial Day Monday at midnight and runs through midnight on the 4th of July. We will then be choosing the top five entries, which will be opened for voting via our Facebook page. The winner will be annouced on July 31st, 2011. Remember you could go to WEFest's 'Heaven in 2011' on Connie and Kevin!

*Tennessee Roadhouse employees & their family members are not eligible. No vulgar, cruel, or inappropriate submissions are permitted. There will be a special night for the top 5 to bring their family & friends in for a viewing of their submission. The winner will be notified Wednesday, July 27th, & announced live over 105.5 BOB FM on Sunday July 31, during Connie Lee's live performance. All top 5 finalists will receive a prize. Tennessee Roadhouse is not responsible for any injury, damage, or legal incidents resulting from participating in the contest.